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TACTICS U10 / U25 och Hardmodes

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TACTICS U10 / U25 och Hardmodes Empty TACTICS U10 / U25 och Hardmodes

Inlägg  Didor i fre jul 31, 2009 12:50 pm

The Firefighter

The Firefighter Hard Mode is initiated by pressing the Big Red Button. This will dramatically change the encounter. All of Mimiron's normal abilities will continue.

Note: If your raid members still die with any regularity to Proximity Mines, Shock Blast, Rocket Strike or Laser Barrage DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS HARD MODE.

Firstly all vehicles and bots in the encounter gain 30% damage and health.

Secondly every 30 seconds three patches of flame will spawn near random players (this makes the spawn locations of the fire controllable). These flames hit for 10,000 fire damage per second. They will slowly creep towards the nearest player (this makes the Fire's location controllable). These flames spawn in all phases and continue spawning between phases.

Thirdly the room will self destruct after 10 minutes, putting a new enrage timer on the encounter.

Fourthly Mimiron will gain new abilities and a new type of bot in phase 3:

* Leviathan MK II: Flame Suppressant. Once per phase 1 the Leviathan MK II will extinguish all existing fires and slow the casting speed of the raid by 50% for 8 seconds. Removable via Ice Block and Divine Shield.

* VX-001 Anti Personnel Assault Cannon: Frost Bomb. The VX-001 will drop a very obvious blue bomb on a random area of the room every ~45 seconds or so in both phase 2 and phase 4. This will explode after 10 seconds, dealing 50,000 frost damage to nearby players and extinguishing all fires within 30 yards.

* Emergency Fire Bot: These spawn from new blue beams in phase 3. They have a Deafening Siren which will silence all nearby players within 15 yards. This acts as an aura. They will run around the room seeking out fire patches and extinguishing them with a 15 yard radius Water Spray that does 20,000 frost damage to any players hit, knocking them back 200 yards. They spawn rapidly, have very little HP and are very dangerous should the healers become silenced so a ranged DPS or two should be assigned to exclusively killing them.

The main difficulty to Firefighter is controlling the fires. You want to stay near existing fires so that fires will overlap and give you more of the room to work with. Most of the room will be covered in flames by the end of phase 3. If you do not control fires well you will run out of room and burn to death. Always try to stay together and keep the fires overlapping and to the outside edges.

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